How To Justify a Duplex Printer

Save paper and go greener

Duplex printers automatically print on both sides of each page of paper. As you might expect, this extra paper handling feature costs more money. Yet by leveraging the “need for green” by reducing paper use, every company that prints more than a few hundred pages per month can justify the added printer expense. Many green programs focus on recycling paper. Smarter green programs focus on not creating paper waste that needs to be recycled in the first place. Of the two, not wasting items to be recycled saves far more resources in the environment, and saves far more money for the company as well. Not long ago, only laser printers included the duplex printing option, and they cost hundreds of dollars extra. No more. Prices have fallen, and many ink jet printer models now offer duplex printing for about $100 or so, plus or minus. Lower cost of the duplex print option makes it that much easier to leverage the need for green to convince managers to spring for the upgrade. While management says they love green, they're far more likely to approve an expense of $100 to be green than they are to approve $750. So list the low cost of duplex printers high in the justification bullet points. As an added bonus, multi-function printers that offer duplex printing options almost always support duplex scanning. That's a sweet bonus. Use that feature to push for a better MFP for less cost than an ordinary MFP and a separate duplex document scanner. If your company prints and prints and prints for internal use, you are a prime candidate for duplex printing, both to save money and go greener. Remember, paper not used and therefore not recycled saves far more than the best recycle program.

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