Nexus One upgraders getting a $100 refund

If mobile analytics service Flurry is to be believed, Google's Nexus One sold only 20,000 units during its first week of being on-sale. Flurry bases this number on how many hits it got from mobile apps with the Flurry tracking code embedded in them, so I'm not all that confident its numbers are precise, but they're probably all right to use in comparison to numbers from other handsets that Flurry counted the same way. Taking those caveats into account, Flurry says the Droid sold 250,000 units in week one; the Nexus One isn't exactly flying off the shelves in comparison.

All of which is a preface to the good news that Google and T-Mobile are dropping the cost to upgrade to the Nexus One from $379 to $279, according to TmoNews. If you already paid $379 to upgrade from your old phone expect to find a $100 refund in your Google Checkout account within 14 days, and TmoNews says Google should be contacting you to inform you of this happy news as soon as today. The Android and Me blog more or less confirms the news with a screenshot of the notification some user received. The pricing of the Nexus One unlocked, or with a new contract, hasn't changed.

TmoNews keeps the joy coming with another post leaking T-Mobile prices cuts on a bunch of their other handsets, including several Blackberries and a bunch of Android phones.

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