HP Netbook Impressed at CES

HP's netbook wasn't the flashiest at the show, but it looks good for enterprise users

Before this month's CES, I wrote that the netbook doesn't have to die. It seems a little strange, but there were those who said that this netbook was a doomed class of product, destined to get larger and more expensive until it merged with the laptop.

If the netbook is, indeed, dying, no one has told the computer manufacturers. The displays at CES were filled with netbooks, including some with amazing features like a Lenovo's twin-brain computer. The expansion of the segment is nothing but good news for mobile enterprise workers, but you don't have to get terribly exotic to find real value in new netbook computers.

I was impressed by the new 5102 netbooks from HP, with their rugged cases, gesture-capable touchpads, and low cost. In this video, an HP product manager explains the details of the product -- and shows off a fairly sexy red case for the new machine. What do you think -- are solid capabilities, a small form factor and a low price enough to keep the netbook going strong, or will the small computers need to evolve in order to stay relevant?

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