Scheduling a job interview? Take the first slot you can get

Why "as soon as possible" is the best time to schedule a job interview.

When's the best time for a job interview? First thing in the morning? Maybe the hiring manager won't have had his morning jolt of Starbuck's yet. Mondays? What if he hasn't recovered from the weekend? Fridays? Too anxious to get to the weekend. That doesn't leave much. Do you want to be the first to be interviewed? The last? Too early, and they'll forget you; too late, and they'll have already made their decision.

Alan Narz, President of, has a common-sense answer: "As soon as possible." Narz says that when the call comes in, jump on it. "Those interview spots go away for a lot of good reasons. All of a sudden, that job may not be available any more. So schedule it as soon as possible, and as soon as you can be prepared for it."


This tip is adapted from "10 Common IT Career Questions" by Dan Blacharski.

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