The iPad aftermath

Internet reaction to the iPad announcement is tepid at best

So here it is, the morning after. Apple's iPad is official. I've been watching Twitter and reading blogs in order to see how people are reacting to the announcement and it seems like Jobs & Co. have their work cut out for them. The internet turned on them with a vengeance and there was a lot of snark directed at Apple and the iPad yesterday. The biggest problem (in the view of Joe or Jane Tech Consumer) seems to be the fact that the iPad is "just a super-sized iPod Touch." I randomly started asking people what they'd expected and while some of them had very specific and valid concerns (no multitasking, no Flash support) many just said "I don't know...something more."

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Something more. Contrast that desire to CNET's Rumor roundup scorecard: The iPad edition. The article illustrates that the rumor mill was pretty accurate this time around and some of the ones that were wrong (such as the OLED screen issue) had been debunked pretty effectively before the launch. So if Apple delivered a product pretty close to what the rumor-mill suggested it would, why are people so disappointed?

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