Kicking Off a New "We're Linux" Video Contest

Linux Foundation announces new community marketing contest

As a lifelong resident and native of Indiana, it's not a big stretch to figure out which team I'm going to be cheering for during the big game this Sunday.

Of course, the NFL's championship game has grown into much more of a spectacle than a competition between the AFC and NFC champions. Year after year, the hoopla surrounding this game is more ostentatious than the year before. One of the things that gets bigger and more hyped each year has to be the commercials. In fact, many folks in the US who are not interested in sports will tune in just to see the best Madison Avenue has to offer.

The Linux Foundation (LF) is capitalizing on the advertising blitzkrieg by making it the theme of their second annual "We're Linux" video contest.

The contest, which was very popular in its first iteration last year, calls all community members and amateur filmmakers to create a 30-60 second Linux-focused spot for the big game.

The LF has emphasized that "this theme is not a requirement for entry; however, videos that can demonstrate the benefits of Linux to the general public are likely to receive more community votes."

Having helped manage the entries last year while at the LF, I can tell you that the level of creativity from the 2009 entries was very high, and I am personally looking forward to seeing what this year's batch of entries brings.

According to the LF, the contest officially kicks off today and will be open for submissions through midnight on April 4, 2010. The winner will be revealed at the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit on April 14, 2010 in San Francisco and will be awarded with a laptop loaded with Linux and a trip to LinuxCon in Boston, MA.

Get the cameras out, dust off those cue cards... it's time to wow the world with your love of Linux.

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