The best (imo) tech-related Superbowl ads

The talk of the tech-blogging world last night was Google's Super Bowl ad. Did you see it? (In case you didn't I'll embed it below.) It was a pretty low-key ad in the midst of big budget craziness, telling a love story via search terms. It was kind of sweet and all, but maybe I need to hand in my tech-blogger card because I don't see how this is such a huge deal. Who covered it? Without even really searching (pun intended) I found posts at Wired, CNET, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, and WebProNews. The best part? It isn't even a new ad; it's been available on YouTube for three months, according to the official Google blog.

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From a tech point of view, my favorites were the Vizio internet TV ad (seeing all those old memes in one place was pretty fun for this net-head), the Intel one (because there's nothing sadder than a sad robot), and the Megan Fox in the tub Motorola Devour one (because I'm such an Android fan, of course). There were a lot of fun non-tech related ads too, but let's not get too far off topic here. Anyway, what was your favorite tech company Superbowl ad? Did I miss a good one? Please leave a comment. And here's another look at the ads I mentioned: YouTube:



Motorola Devour:

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