The return of Apple tablet rumors

With the big iPad reveal, you may have thought we were done with Apple tablet rumors for a while. Wishful thinking. Not one, but two new rumors popped up yesterday. First, TechCrunch is saying that Apple is working on a second, larger (possibly as large as 15.4") tablet, and that this one will run a variant of OS X and be more of a laptop replacement. TechCrunch urges us to take the news with a grain of salt.

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I'm trying to imagine how you'd manage a device that large. Lay it flat on a table? Maybe it'd come with some kind of easel-shaped dock that would prop it up? If it ran OS X the intent would be (presumably) that it be used to get real work done but that means a real input system. TechCrunch speculates that the device would come standard with an external keyboard which would necessitate getting the tablet into some kind of vertical orientation, at which point you're pretty much emulating a laptop that has a touchscreen display. Suddenly I'm thinking of the Lenovo IdeaPad convertible that was shown off at CES. The other, less pie-in-the-sky rumor, comes from Mission Repair. They got hold of some replacement parts for the iPad and what did they find? A spot for a front facing camera built into the iPad frame. In fact a camera from a MacBook fit into the frame perfectly. It's already been established (one of many sources, CNET) that the iPhoneOS 3.2 SDK has support for an iPad camera, so presumably it is just a matter of time until a new revision of the iPad comes out with camera included. Of course, we said the same thing about the iPod Touch last summer, didn't we?

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