Sony planning a 'relaunch' of the PSP Go?

Sony's PSP Go handheld hasn't been in the news much since its October launch. Nor, apparently, has it been in gamers' hands much. According to a news story making the rounds, Sony wants to change that via a re-launch of the product. According to the collective mind of tech bloggers (this mind included), Sony needs to do two things in order for this relaunch to be successful: drop the price, and pump out some Kevin Butler ads (Butler is the face of the rather amusing "It only does everything" PS3 ads; an example is embedded below) to attract some attention.

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Even with a lower price it will be challenging for Sony to market the PSP Go. Since the October launch of the system, Sony has been doing a good job of supporting the digital-only device with weekly updates on its online store. The problem is that these updates work just as well with the other, cheaper PSP models. Models which also support UMD format games and movies (now found deeply discounted at both brick & mortar and online retailers). It's a real hard sell to get an existing PSP owner to "upgrade" to a more expensive, less capable system and since the PSP has been available for so many years there's no great surge of demand for the system; it long ago lost that new tech allure.

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