Madden NFL 10 predicts 35-31 Saints win in Super Bowl

Just like you can count on beer commercials and odd bouts of censorship, the result of the Madden NFL Super Bowl simulation is one you can take to the bank. Just as often as its cover players get jinxed, the Madden simulation has been able to accurately predict the winner of the Super Bowl-- since the tradition started in 2004, the only year the game has failed to pick the winner was when the Giants beat the then-undefeated Patriots two years ago, and it's fair to say that nobody saw that coming. This year, the game is predicting a 35-31 victory for the New Orleans Saints over the Indianapolis Colts, according to a press release issued by EA.

It seems as though the game's inability to predict the Super Bowl's results two years ago have caused it to refocus, as its last few predictions have been spot-on. According to EA, the game was able to predict the outcomes and scores of the AFC and NFC Championship games within three points. More impressively, when the Steelers steamrolled into the big game last year against the 9-7 Phoenix Cardinals, Madden NFL was still able to predict a narrow 4-point victory, missing the final score by one point for each team.

Here's the official game summary from EA, which I think I'll print out and read aloud before the game in order to convince people that I'm a psychic.

The first three quarters display the offensive fireworks that both teams have become known for, with the Colts leading 24-21. A nail biting fourth quarter begins with a big play, courtesy of the Saints' special teams, when Reggie Bush returns a punt for a 42-yard touchdown. However, with minutes left in the game the duo of Joseph Addai and Peyton Manning put the Colts back on top with a go-ahead touchdown pass. With the game hanging in the balance, Drew Brees hits David Thomas for an 11-yard touchdown and the game winning score. Drew Brees takes home MVP honors as the Saints earn their first Super Bowl Championship title in the franchise's 46 year history.

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