Cartoon caption contest winner: Feeling the help desk hurt

With his dark view of help desk "response," slysounds is the winner of this week's contest. You can see the winning caption below, along with some very funny honorable mentions and Phil Johnson's original cartoon.

The winning caption

On the bright side, we've really improved our response time...

The original cartoon

IT Underworld

Honorable mentions

  • Don't worry, the IT deployment crew hasn't hit its mark in 10 years.

    by Jesse Luna
  • Now repeat after password isn't written under my keyboard.

    by Fork92
  • "Save your strength...I think he likes it. Why else would he use Windows?"

    by handydan918
  • Careful....we don't want to cause any brain damage.

    by The Toast in the Machine
  • Tomorrow we'll show you how the front-end interface works.

    by deane
  • Wait! Considering the adult websites he was surfing... this may not be appropriate punishment

    by Blake Fell
  • "It was this or Windows Vista, I think you made the right choice."

    by Anonymous
  • "Hey don't look so shocked, you didn't agree to the license and failed to return it within 30 days."

    by jaudio1
  • Just then, John realized he should have actually read the EULA instead of just clicking ok....

    by Billy Fairchild
  • Johnny repeat after me, "I will not ~email the whole company with large attachements"

    by Charles
  • Next time, read the freakin' manual...

    by Anonymous (not verified)

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