Yahoo Is Asleep At The Abuse Email Wheel

We provide an example of why Yahoo's abuse parsers stink

At the bottom of this post is a message I received that has a Yahoo (and an additional address) inside of it; you'll find the offending Yahoo email address almost at the very bottom of this post. Yahoo's abuse mail handler can't figure it out, so it sends me a canned WTF message. I then replied to the message, asking to have a supervisor look at the message. I shouldn't have wasted my time-- now it's caught in an endless WTF loop. Yahoo: your parser is broken and people are using your service for evil purposes. Please fix it. Yes-- some of the messages are taken care of. Others end up like this.

First, the initial response:

Hello, Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail. You have reached a support area of Yahoo! in the United States that is targeted at a primarily English speaking U.S. audience. It appears that you have written to our department in a language other than English. Yahoo! Customer Care, in different regions of the world, currently offers support in the following languages: Cantonese Danish English French German Greek Italian Japanese Korean Mandarin Norwegian Portuguese Spanish Swedish If you are requesting assistance in one of the above languages, please go to the home page of Yahoo!'s regional service you currently use. You can see a complete list of other countries that Yahoo! supports at: Scroll to the bottom of the page. Beneath the section labeled, "Local Yahoo!s," you will find links to all of the Yahoo! country and language sites around the world. Once on these sites, you will be able to find links to help pages and feedback forms in the upper-right side of the home page. If however, you are requesting assistance with a service on our U.S. based site ( please refer to our online help pages at: to find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you would like to contact us directly for more support, please submit your comments in English and we will gladly assist you. Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Mail. Regards, Austine Yahoo! Customer Care 68667273

Egads. The message was probably in Chinese, as the reply had a address. Bah. I replied, as below:

Original Message Follows: ------------------------- It doesn't matter. It's a spam account. Shut it OFF! Tom

Then, Yahoo sends this:

Hello, Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail. Please note that Yahoo! members now have the ability to remove their own account(s) and account information from Yahoo!. For the fastest possible resolution to your request, please follow the instructions included below to initiate the deletion of your account. At this time it is not possible to reactivate an account that has been deleted upon the request of the Yahoo! account holder. By deleting your account, you will lose access to all personalized areas of Yahoo!. This includes your GeoCities webpage, Mail account, eGroups and Clubs, Auctions, Fantasy Sports, Games, Profiles, Address Book, Briefcase, Portfolio, and any other areas of Yahoo! that can only be accessed with your Yahoo! ID and password. Please be sure you want to delete your entire account as you will not be able to reactivate it once the account has been deleted. You are always welcome to sign up again, for a new account. To get started, please visit the following URL and sign in to the account you wish to remove: Next, follow the steps to remove your account. Please be sure to read each page carefully, as important information about your account and account information is included. If you're having trouble signing in, visit: Please complete this process only if you are certain you would like to remove your entire Yahoo! account and any features you have personalized within that account. Once the deletion process is initiated, your Yahoo! account may not be recovered. We're sorry to see you go. It's been a pleasure serving you. Please let us know if you still need assistance so I may assist you further. Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Mail. Regards, Suzi Yahoo! Customer Care 68692093 For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:

Clearly, the parser writer is an idiot.

The original message is below:

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