Can We Get 1 Million People To Shut Off Facebook This Week!?!


We're done for. It's like the ancient Star Trek episode about tribbles: Facebook has multiplied completely out of control. We no longer need an Internet. There is no news, no RSS feed, no admin task so important as clicking on Recent News in Facebook. You needn't change the channel. Soon, you'll click to consume entertainment, viral media, whatever. There'll be a Facebook shell so that you can go to eBay, Amazon, and whatever, just so you won't have to leave Facebook. When Jeff Pulver first talked about it, I thought he was mad. Now I know he was just an early addict, visionary in what kind of crack that Facebook would actually become.

Oh, the tawdry hell of it. Endless pictures. Some fun, others like the slideshows that caused us to fall asleep when we were children visiting our parent's friends homes. Or worse, otherwise sane people behaving badly, and taping their nipples in the process. Or worse.

People that become fans of car dealerships. The list is endless. It all reeks of entropy. Will there be no end???

Worse still, sometimes the drone of drums, like 2am at Burning Man, gets replicated through Tweetdeck onto Twitter. Someone will spread it to Digg. Thence onto a dozen lesser sites, the pounding of the drums continues. It drones, and drones.

Underneath, in data caverns buried deep in the earth, Zuckerberg's mad statisticians are analyzing the data, combing it all for interesting tidbits of information, a bevy of demographics to sell, and new and more insidious games to be created.

And it's irresistible. It's on your desktop, your laptop, and your mobile phone. It's urgent, compelling, gossipy, and immensely addictive.

Thanks, Mark. It's Valentine's Day. Someone in the next room is on your software right now. I'm trying to pry that person away.

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