Looks like Google might fix Buzz after all!

Yesterday I posted five changes I believe Google needs to make to its new Buzz service -- or risk rejection by annoyed users. Those changes focused on giving control by users over how they view -- and don't view -- posts made by people they follow, and also provide basic functionality I believe users expect.

Specifically, I wrote that Google needs to implement the following five changes:

1. Add a mute button.

2. Make "Filters" Buzz-compatible.

3. Fix photos from location posts.

4. Allow a chronological view.

5. Enable "re-tweets."

Here's the whole post.

Today, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google has major Buzz fixes coming soon. Best of all, a Google product manager told the Journal that the coming fixes include "features that help people filter what postings they see and block certain conversations," which could involve satisfying my top two items.

At the rate Google is updating and improving Buzz, we might expect a feature-complete version within weeks.

Make no mistake, Google Buzz is a "beta" service. No, Google isn't calling Buzz beta, but the use of the beta designator at Google has never resembled reality -- the term is meaningless when applied to Google. Google threw this thing out there, and is seeking out user feedback to finish the product. That's called a beta test program, regardless of what you call it.

I'll keep you posted as Google improves Buzz.

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