Case Mod Turns The Wii Into a Portable 'Laptop'

Ever wanted to take your Wii with you for some on-the-move fun? A recent case-modder has made that a reality.

Have you ever wanted to play a quick round of Wii Sports while out and about? A recent case-moddder has taken Nintendo's popular Wii console and built it into a laptop-style case, making on-the-go Wii gaming possible.

This particular case mod requires plenty of patience. This expandable PVC-encased Wii "laptop" took its builder more than three months of spare time and around £400 ($600) to build.

This mod takes a regular Wii console, pairs it with a 17-inch LCD monitor, additional fans, and a full QWERTY keyboard for use when surfing online.

This isn't the first time someone tried to make the Wii more portable; in 2007 Ben Heckendorn's made a slightly different Wii laptop. For more on this latest effort, though, be sure to check out the forum.

[Via SlipperyBrick]

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