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This collection of IT management resources offers career advice for IT managers (and aspiring IT managers), strategies for addressing common challenges, and helpful tips to make the job easier.

IT management strategies

M&A Mistake: Too Many CIOs Arrive Late to the Dance

With a few exceptions, CIOs are still playing the part of Cinderella at the M&A ball, relegated to mop-up duties, writes analyst George Lawrie. And IT's presence typically vanishes like Cinderella's pumpkin.

IT management aided by new appraisal technique

CIOs and other IT leaders have long struggled to measure and then demonstrate the business value of IT investments. A relatively new approach for making IT investment and operating decisions and then proving their value to shareholders, called the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF), can offer IT leaders some help.

Company Saves Millions By Ending IT Outsourcing Deal

In the realm of IT outsourcing, disengaging from a multi-year, multi-million dollar agreement can be so difficult and costly for customers that it makes a Trump divorce seem like a tea party. But that's exactly what Kellwood did last year, despite the upheaval the company anticipated from ending its 13-year IT outsourcing arrangement with EDS.

Managing software legal compliance

In the age of open source and large-scale outsourcing, ascertaining the legal compliance of software is just as important as assuring the quality before pressing it into production.

IT Outsourcing: Why It Pays to Appraise Your Contract

Everyone knows a good outsourcing relationship needs to be actively managed. So does a good IT outsourcing contract.

IT management tips

Understand and reduce your IT costs

Many organizations are making decisions to cut IT spending with little or no insight into whether they're making cuts in the right areas.

IT management: Building IT credibility

Be a leader of the business, not "The IT Guy"

Estimating programming time

Accurately estimating programming time is a process of defining limitations -- experience, domain knowledge, speed vs. quality. Expect it to take 6 months before your team is estimating close to actuals.

Benchmarking for performance management

Don't be fooled, benchmarking is a challenging effort that will require you to commit time and effort, says Robert Ryan, co-author of 'The Business of IT'. Here are Ryan's 3 rules for success.

Developing an IT scorecard

6 must-dos for successfully developing an IT scorecard for your organization.

Prioritizing IT projects

Every IT project has ROI. Calculate it out.

IT management career advice

Want to be CIO? Forget about being just one of the guys

The lesson isn't groundbreaking, but it could cost you that hard-earned promotion.

IT career advancement: Learn how to negotiate vendor contracts

Providing this career-enhancing opportunity -- without taking unnecessary risk -- takes some care both on the part of the CIO providing it and the IT manager taking advantage of it.

How to become a data center top dog

If you're in IT today, no matter what level or discipline, you can set your sights for top-level data center management and, with the right career moves, achieve your goal. Here's where to begin.

Does a Great System Make a CIO Better?

If we think of the operation of IT being a lot like that of a complete business, it is important to think about the various types of skills and management styles beyond the typical functional areas, like apps and infrastructure.

Get In Touch With Your Inner Geek

A Forrester analyst urges CIOs to consider opportunities to use consumer technologies and to stay close to the 'gadget-curious folks.'

Career path

Interview: Gopal Khanna, CIO for the state of Minnesota

If ever an enterprise IT executive embodied the spirit of service, then Gopal Khanna would be that person. Gopal's sense of community was borne from a childhood in Kanpul, India, where he grew up in a household with four generations of family living under the same roof.

Interview: Ken Kucera, Senior Vice President/CIO, First National Bank of Nebraska

Ken Kucera grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska, doing various farming related activities such as cow milking, harvesting and putting up hay -- but he quickly decided that farming was not a long-term career path for him, so he studied IT in college.

Interview: John J. Higginson, Vice President of Software Development, FTD

John Higginson started his IT career as an eleven year old, building his own systems at home. He has since practiced IT as a hardware and software support specialist and as a software developer and project manager, eventually finding himself in executive IT management at FTD.

Interview: Eric Ottaway, General Manager, Brooklyn Brewery

Eric Ottaway didn't start out as an IT'er but he quickly discovered that getting experience in IT and how it could help business not only would build his IT skills, but would ultimately pave the way to a General Manager's position at the Brooklyn Brewery. Ottaway credits his work in IT as a "door opener" to understanding key drivers behind business processes that enable him today as a General Manager to run a highly effective brewery operation.

Interview: Stephen Conley, IT Director, Boston Red Sox

Steve Conley credits his combination of technical and management skills as a marketable combination for an IT Director's job. What he didn't imagine when he first started his career was that he would be heading IT for major league baseball's World Champions!

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