VersaTool for BlackBerry: The only app you'll ever need? produces the Swiss Army Knife of BlackBerry applications.

If you're like me, the memory dedicated to applications running on your BlackBerry is running dangerously low. I use the term "dangerously" in jest...obviously the phone isn't going to explode anytime soon. That said, the situation is frustrating. The applications I have on my BlackBerry Storm are terrific and I can't bear to part with them. With a heavy heart, I watch many interesting new applications float by, taunting me like the sirens they are. If only there were an all-in-one program that could replace the bulk of my applications. If only...

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Enter VersaTool

Set up similarly to the iPhone main screen, VersaTool offers an incredible variety of sub-programs... all for a download just under 5k. Currently, there are twelve "official" applications nested in VersaTool, and a few "unofficial" apps. indicates on their site that there are even more sub-programs on the way.


Here's a quick look at the most useful and/or interesting apps:

Alarms: The alarm setup is more robust than on the native BlackBerry OS. You can choose various ring tones for multiple instances of alarms and notifications.

Canned Responses: When I'm doing various support tasks via email, typing the same answers over and over can become rather tedious. This nifty little tool allows you to save long or short amounts of text and apply them (even in combinations) to your email.

Popup Menus: One of my favorite apps on VersaTool; this app allows you to create menus for the tasks you use frequently in one convenient screen. No more scrolling and searching.

Really Convenient Keys: The BlackBerry's OS is fairly simple to operate... just press a button. This application allows you to really expand that concept by assigning actions to double-clicking or holding a button. Very similar to the Storm's keyboard, but much more configurable and robust.

Run on Schedule: Many applications have the ability to run on startup. Seems rather limiting, doesn't it? This feature allows you to run any VersaTool action at any time.

Just Take The Picture: My second favorite application on VersaTool. While my Storm's camera takes very fine photos, the interface is frustrating. Most of the time I miss the photo opportunity because I'm fiddling with the phone to get the camera up and running. This app allows you to take photos quickly and easily... even when the phone is locked. SWEET!

Weather: While VersaTool's weather app won't replace my beloved MyCast from Garmin, this application gives a nice, basic, graphic report of your city's weather forecast. Weather also does a push to your BlackBerry's home screen, so you can see the current high/low temperature forecast at a glance.

There are a couple of "unofficial" applications as well. You can use your BlackBerry as a flashlight. You can also schedule your phone to reboot. That's actually quite useful to clear your memory cache.

So, are these VersaTool all-in-one programs as good as the individual programs you can buy separately from other vendors? In most cases, they come close. Close enough that this program is worth your time to check out. VersatileMonkey allows you to download VersaTool Beta for free, or you can purchase the stable version for $4.99.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

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