Forget the new Pepsi Amp Up iPhone App

Why all the fuss over a stupid app? Read on

There has been a lot of press in the past week or so about a new iPhone App from Pepsi and energy drink Amp, called the Pepsi Amp Up Before Your Score. I tried it out, in the interests of reporting, and can't see what the fuss is all about. The use case is a single guy on the prowl at a bar, and you pick one of several icons of the woman that you are trying to hit on, to gain insightful conversational banter and nearby destinations. Yes, it is sexist. Yes, it is smarmy. Yes, it doesn't work well on giving you real-time destination results -- searching for nearby ice cream stores in my 'hood came up with a Ben and Jerry's franchise that hasn't been there for years. Is it better than the 9,000 fart apps on the iPhone? Marginally.

Save yourself the trouble of downloading and wasting time with the app. Instead, try these responses to lousy pickup lines from the Car Talk guys here.

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