Usability and the Ubuntu desktop

Throughout the development of the Ubuntu desktop, great care and attention have gone into usability. As an example, the four corners of the screen are established as areas that are simple to access--you don't need to carefully mouse over the area and can instead just throw your mouse to the corner. This is why each corner has an important feature. It makes accessing each feature that little bit easier.

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Ubuntu is filled with tiny usability improvements such as this that help make it as intuitive and powerful as possible.

Tip: You can switch between multiple applications in Ubuntu just like in Windows by pressing Alt-Tab. When you press this key combination, a small window appears that can be used to switch between active applications.

Tip: Although Ubuntu has only two workspaces configured by default, you can have as many--or few-- as you like. To configure them, right-click on one of the workspaces in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, and select Preferences from the menu.

Tip: If you want to put something in the Places view, drag and drop the item. The Ubuntu desktop is filled with drag-and-drop shortcuts like this. If you think something could be dragged and dropped, try it!


Today's Tip is adapted from the new 4th Ed. of The Official Ubuntu Book, authored by Benjamin Mako Hill, Matthew Helmke and Corey Burger, published by Prentice Hall Professional, June 2009, ISBN 0137021208, Copyright 2009 Canonical, Ltd. For a complete sample chapter, please visit the publisher site:
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