H1N1 pandemic planning: Resources and reading list

by Brent Huston, Microsolved, Inc. -- Research shows that people infected with the H1N1 virus may be contagious for up to 10 days from the onset of their symptoms, even after they "feel better". The problem with this is that as they feel better they may return to work or school, thus exposing others to the virus, albeit, inadvertently. Many people simply think that if they feel better, then they must be over the infection and not contagious anymore.

So, as you consider your pandemic plans, please think about the idea of a 10 day work from home program or the like for folks that are symptomatic. Explanation and education can only help, so take the time to explain this cycle to your team.

The following resources can help you better prepare your organization for the H1N1 virus:

Most of these articles emphasize the same thing: create a plan for employees who will be absent due to illness, avoid getting sick by using caution and appropriate measures, if infected, stay home and avoid contact with others.

If you have a supervisory role, you may want to review your staff's responsibilities individually, especially those who are the only ones who know how to complete a task, such as rebooting the server or opening a locked area. A little cross-training could save you any confusion down the road.

-- Brent Huston is CEO and Security Evangelist for Microsolved, Inc.


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