Cartoon caption contest winner: Windows 7 upgrade

With his twist on Windows 7 upgrades, bala0302 is the winner of this week's contest. You can see the winning caption below, along with some very funny honorable mentions and Phil Johnson's original cartoon.

The winning caption

You would have to fight & win against my friend here, to escape upgrading to Windows 7.

The original cartoon

IT Underworld

Honorable mentions

  • I'm not sure the two of us are enough defense against the end of life of XP

    by gunderstone
  • Step aside ma'am. We're going in the hard way.

    by nrichmond
  • Oh, him? He's "the guy on a white horse" referenced in our customer support contracts.

    by flared0ne
  • "We're the Knights Templar of IT. He guards the original "0" and I protect the first-ever "1".

    by dhaese
  • Wild horses couldn't drag the login password out of me....I see you brought in reinforcements.

    by Teresa
  • Just getting ready for the next "head-to-head" challenge in our bench-marking competitions...

    by flared0ne
  • "Along with XP, the "White Knight" and myself,we're YOUR ghosts of Christmas' Past!"

    by iceman884
  • You did click "Help Defend Me against all threats"

    by mmchugh

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