6 Globalization Tips: Managing IT in Emerging Markets

Promote clear rules. Define which decisions are global versus which can be made locally.

Structure for agility. "You can't really do a lot of anticipating in emerging markets," says Cameron. Instead, make change management a core competency.

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Establish global and local processes for funding innovation. Maintain a formal process for getting new ideas approved and nurture a local entrepreneurial culture in developing locales.

Globalize strategic roles. Make resources such as IT architecture, financial management, vendor management and security available to new markets via a shared services model. Use IT processes to connect global capabilities with local needs.

Embrace emerging tech. New technologies and processes like SOA and collaboration tools will enable increased integration and agility.

Communicate often. Messages from IT, when delivered consistently, help to create and maintain trust with a diverse set of stakeholders. Match these continuing communication efforts to listeners' needs.

Stephanie Overby is a freelance writer based in Massachusetts.

This story, "6 Globalization Tips: Managing IT in Emerging Markets" was originally published by CIO.

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