Mobility to change the enterprise communication landscape

In the increasingly connected world of the enterprise, mobility is fast becoming the key driver in ensuring the business process goes through its course uninterrupted, executives from a communications solutions provider asserted Tuesday.

Citing independent studies from various research houses, Ralph Ede, regional managing director for South Asia, GN Netcom--makers of Bluetooth headset brand Jabra--said workers are either traveling more these days, bringing their communication tools wherever they go, or are working from home.

"At least 95% of office workers spend part of their time on the go," Ede shared. "Over half [of these people] miss important calls every day because they are away from their [desk] phones."

Ede said the demand for wireless headset solutions for the office is slowly increasing, as well as companies' willingness to invest in unified communications solutions. Similarly, according to Ede, "executives have had enough of too many phones and too many devices on their desks."

The key area to approach for communications solutions vendors, Ede said, is the mobile space where they can provide tools for people to bring wherever they go. "The challenge, therefore, is to unite all these tools into a single headset," he posed, emphasizing Jabra's enterprise solutions that best address this all-in-one tool predicament.

"[Using such devices], there is increased productivity from better work processes and ergonomics," he claimed. "The ROI from efficiency and effectiveness gains is interesting in the current business climate."

Larsen Sandoval, country manager for south Asia, GN Netcom, said the Jabra Go 6400 series provides a platform that unites three devices--the mobile phone, the desk phone and the personal computer--into a single communications portal. "This wireless headset for the office and on the go addresses the new way of working in an increasingly changing environment," he said, adding that headsets are now important for productivity in the office.

The Go 6400 includes a dock that can sit atop the office desk, which houses the Bluetooth headset for charging and a touch screen module that displays the active phone in use. Sandoval said the Jabra Go 6400 is compatible with most desk phones, IP hard phones, soft phones and mobile phones, and features a Wideband sound, a dual microphone Blackout system that cancels background noise, full hearing protection with Jabra's SafeTone technology, and up to 100 meters of wireless Bluetooth range.

This story, "Mobility to change the enterprise communication landscape" was originally published by Computerworld Philippines.

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