Not every change Twitter makes is newsworthy

"What's happening?" isn't news.

Today brought a truly significant update to the Twitter website, and tech blogs everywhere wasted no time on reporting on the change.

It seems that Twitter changed their update prompt from "What are you doing?" to "What's happening?"

This change was reported by Mashable, the San Francisco Chronicle's tech section, CNET, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and I'm sure many other sites. And why not? This is huge news that will have a significant impact on Twitter's monetization potential.

Please recognize that I'm being sarcastic.

Now listen, I like Twitter. In fact I'm a pretty heavy Twitter user, and have a nice community of both friends and professional contacts that I keep in touch with daily via Twitter. But come on, this Twitter hysteria in the tech-press needs a reality check. Changing a line of text isn't a new feature! Now in all fairness, Twitter itself managed a five paragraph blog post about this change. But Twitter HQ saying something is newsworthy doesn't actually make it newsworthy. Stop wasting your readers' time, tech bloggers!

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