Outsource your infrastructure

When it comes to buying infrastructure as a service, go all-in.

When it comes to buying infrastructure as a service, "once you get past a certain point of buy-in, you're on the path," says Chad Swartz, Senior Manager of IT Operations at Preferred Hotel Group. Hybrid solutions are counterproductive as far as cost-savings go, says Swartz.

In an interview with ITworld contributing writer Beth Schultz, Swartz shares the lessons he has learned from powering down the servers and storage at the Chicago-based premiere hotelier and tapping into the cloud:

1. Build servers from scratch. "I know that a lot of people would be hesitant to replace too many variables during a transition. However, if you're building servers from scratch it's better to get it done one time. In our scenario, we had to build a second time to accommodate upgrades to our Citrix servers and the applications we use."

2. Go all-in. "You would lose a lot of the gains you have by having infrastructure in the cloud by going to a hybrid solution."

3. Under-allocate a server at first. "You just want to have resources run efficiently without too much excess sitting out there because that takes away from the effectiveness of other servers being able to grow dynamically."


This tip is adapted from "What I've Learned About Cloud Computing" by Beth Schultz.

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