Send that job interview thank you card ... and soon!

Following up after job interviews is what gets results.

by Dan Blacharski - The best time to follow up after a job interview? Right away! You don't forget to follow up do you? Following up is what gets results.

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When your mom made you send a thank you card to grandma after she sent your birthday present, for example, you were doing several things at once. You were making grandma feel good, you were being polite, but you were also setting the stage for continuing to receive birthday presents in the future. Following up after a job interview is no different. It's a simple reinforcement that reminds the hiring manager that you exist.

When do you send that follow-up letter? Alan Narz, President of, says "immediately." And it shouldn't just be an email, either. Alan recommends pairing that email with a handwritten note. "Go spend a dollar on a thank you card. It has to be a custom note, with a reference to something about the interview you enjoyed, something you appreciated, or something about the company. I think everybody sends an email, but adding that personal touch goes a long way."


This tip is adapted from "10 Common IT Career Questions" Dan Blacharski.

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