A Day without Blackberry Email

Blackberry BIS is down -- is your business email missing?

Welcome to Thursday -- and news that Blackberry email service is down. According to the folks at CrackBerry.com, it's been out since around 3:00 am EST, and is hitting users on all cellular carriers.

Earlier this week I wrote about problems with cellular networks, but this is something much different. Here was have a common service independent of particular carriers, that affects the business life of hundreds of thousands of enterprise users.

So how do you deal with the possibility of this kind of outage? One option is to take the push email service in-house. Larger enterprises do this, and it makes a lot of sense if you have the human resources (or can afford the integration costs) to make it happen. A second option (which is harder to pull off in the particular case of the Blackberry mail service) is the "backup" email service in case the first goes down. Normally you'd make this happen by changing MX records, but it's the kind of scenario where a service like that offered by Dynamic Network Services can be a huge help.

There will be some enterprise IT folks who decide that this is proof positive that SaaS or cloud-based apps aren't to be trusted, and there's an extent to which they're right. On the other hand, the economics and quality of cloud services become more compelling with each passing day, and the key for all of us is to learn how to build them into our mobile enterprise architecture -- not figure out how to man the ramparts against their adoption.

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