LG tackles sexting

'Give It A Ponder' campaign takes on sexting, mobile bullying

Did you know that 20% of teens have received a naked picture in a cell phone message? Are you jealous? (Wait, that's a topic for a different post). Well, LG marketing executive Ehtisham Rabbani didn't know it either until he started researching how teens use mobile technology.

As it turns out, they use it with just about as much care and consideration as you'd expect from a group whose frontal lobes haven't completely developed.

To combat sexting, mobile bullying and other 'mobile manners' issues, LG last month launched its "Give IT A Ponder" campaign. Now, 1,000 Facebook fans and half-million YouTube views later, the campaign has blown "Just Say No" out of the water.

[ via CNNMoney.com ]

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