10 big IT management moves in 2009

First VMware announced vSphere, which represented an overhaul of its virtualization platform designed to aggregate virtual resources in a data into one centrally managed computing poll.

"VMware partnered very strongly with cloud provider Savvis to deliver vSphere in the cloud and it clicked that they needed to also be able to manage cloud environments. Soon after announcements from management vendors BMC and CA emerged around managing cloud," EMA's Mann says. "VMware also launched a raft of its own management products, which also put the niche vendors on notice that VMware is really getting to the core of systems management now."

Then VMware announced its plans to acquire SpringSource. The management technology gain might not have been top of mind to industry watchers, but considering SpringSource had acquired open source network management software maker Hyperic, it started to become clearer that VMware realized it needed management to better compete.

At the time, VMware said in a Network World report that the SpringSource acquisition would lead to new products to build, run and manage applications both internally and on external cloud platforms. SpringSource picked up Hyperic to be able to offer customers a Java application life-cycle solution that would start with developing Java applications and run through the management of applications on production systems.

"VMware and SpringSource set the groundwork for more application and workload-aware resource provisioning and automation," IDC's Turner says. "VMware emerged as a management software vendor this year, supported by a number of vCenter announcements."

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