The five best (and worst) iPhone games

Picking out the five best and worst games for any particular medium is always going to be tricky. The criteria I used here is a combination of how well the game works with the iPhone's interface and the interest I have in returning to the game after trying it out. Think the opposite for "worst". A subjective process to be sure, but I did promise I'd find the best and this method seems as good as any. Don't like what's on my list? The nifty part of this age of interactive media we call "the inter-net" is that you have the ability and opportunity to respond. List your favorite game. Berate me for my crappy taste in mobile gaming. Whatever works. Let your voice be heard (well, read). So. On with the list: BEST GAMES: 1) de Blob by THQ Wireless ($3.99). This is an odd little game that I enjoyed on my Nintendo Wii. The gameplay is fairly simple: you are a blob (not just a clever title) charged with the task of bringing color to the black and white city that you inhabit. This game is a tremendous port from the console version, as if it were made for mobile gaming. If you bought this game when it first arrived, there is a new version that takes full advantage of your iPhone's accelerometer. So you can tilt your way around the town. I know I'm not making this sound as appealing as the game really is. But you should check it out. de Blob is quite addictive. 2) Tornado Mania by Digital Chocolate (free version, full version $2.99). Somewhat the opposite of de Blob. Instead of saving a city, you control a tornado to destroy it. Well, to be fair, there's also a "Utopia" mode which allows you to pick up and reorganize buildings. But like all good red-blooded Americans, I like the destructo mode. And who doesn't like the idea of abducting cows? This game has been around for years, but it remains high on my list for addictive, fun games. Plus, there's a free version. What's not to like? 3) Zen Bound by Secret Exit ($4.99). I just didn't get this game at first. Yes, the graphics were stunning. The 3D animation engine is excellent. But...what's with the rope? The idea of the game is to wrap various three-dimensional objects in rope. Yep, that's it. Seriously. Needless to say, I'm hooked. This falls into the puzzle game category, I suppose. But it's really not frustrating like other puzzle games. It's just ... different. 4) Prey Invasion by Machineworks Northwest ($2.99). At launch time for the Xbox 360, there were few great games available. "Prey" was one of them and remains one of my favorite 360 games. Imagine my delight to find "Prey Invasion" available for the iPhone. This is not exactly a port, but rather a new adventure using the feel of the console game. For $2.99, no less. If you're in need of some stress relief via shooting rather than by zen, this is a cool app for you. The touch-shoot gameplay takes a little getting used to, but ultimately a fun game to play in the grocery line. 5) Tiger Woods PGA Tour by EA Mobile ($6.99). I can't tell you why, but playing golf games on a mobile phone has long been a love of mine. Perhaps it's because I play better virtually than I do in real life (I'm a terrible golfer). Be that as it may, this new version of the PGA Tour with our hero Tiger is tremendously fun. Taking a swing and aiming for the pin is very fluid and intuitive. I love that you are offered 100+ holes to keep the scenery changing (although it doesn't change all that much). The challenges are challenging and you will find yourself practicing to get better. Or maybe that's just me.

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