Koobface worm infects Twitter


Symantec reports this morning that the Koobface worm that first hit Facebook continues winding its way through Twitter.

The Koobface worm, with a name formed by jumbling the letters in the word "Facebook," has emerged as a new variant that hijacks Twitter accounts and sends out tweets containing the following phrases: “My home video :);” “Watch my new private video! LOL :);” and “michaeljackson’ testament on youtube.”

The worm uses the high-jacked Twitter accounts to spread malware. The TinyURLs that the tweets include direct readers to the AdultFriendFinder Web site, or to a bogus video Web site that attempts to convince users to download and run a file contaminated with malware.

The enterprising worm also sends links to an infected user’s followers, leading Symantec to warn against clicking on any links received in a tweet, even if they come from friends.

Symantec says this variant is known as W32.Koobface.A, and says that Twitter has suspended the infected accounts.

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