Cartoon caption contest winner: "Full backup"

With his twist on redundancy and backups, random_cole is the winner of this week's contest. You can see the winning caption below, along with some very funny honorable mentions and Phil Johnson's original cartoon.

The winning caption

I know I'm always preaching redundancy and full backups but this is really weirding me out.

The original cartoon

IT Underworld

Honorable mentions

  • Perhaps you didn't understand what we meant by dual processors.

    by Pam
  • I think that when management said they wanted back up services installed, they didn't mean it to be taken quite that literally.

    by James C
  • Look Bob, tell management that somehow, I don't think cloning us qualifies as an IT disaster recovery plan

    by admin09
  • I said I got burned by the coffee! Not burn a copy of me!

    by Michael Lopez

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