Cloud computing easily explained...maybe.

There's a lot of talk about "Cloud Computing" these days. I've heard and read this term in many articles, and decided it was time to look into the definition and concept of Cloud computing. Let me just tell you, the sites and YouTube videos which offer explanations as to what Cloud computing actually is - is an exercise in frustration. I was able to glean a moderate understanding, but it has become remarkably apparent that this concept is not easily explained.

Most of the explanations for Cloud computing given to me involve the cryptic explanation as to why a "cloud". Overall, this is not helpful. There should have been a better naming device for this; obviously dubbed by engineers. Cloud computing seems to be, if I've got this right, a method of delivering over-the-internet applications and services without having to install any additional software on your personal computer. The delivery method also seems to involve having third-party companies who host the application and data collection mechanisms.

Have I got that right? Will anyone verify or correct my definition?

As it turns out, I use one notable "Cloud" application: Who knew? I always assumed this was just another web application. But if you go ahead and read the definition on Wikipedia, you will see a listing of other Cloud applications and you will also rapidly begin to despise the use of the term "cloud". Facebook is another Cloud app. You see? I'm beginning to dislike even typing this word.

One of the most important aspects of Web 2.0 is (or should be) a reasonable naming convention and explanation for what the internet will be able to do/host. This "Cloud" computing shows that the next version of the web may not be on the right path. Again, I invite discussion. Please tell me you understand this idea perfectly and can explain it to me and my eleven faithful readers easily.

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