Best Blackberry Weather App

A while back, I reviewed a bunch of free weather applications for the BlackBerry. Ultimately, they were all decent apps. However, they just didn't give the depth of information I wished to have with an easy to operate interface.

Yes, those were free programs and just what the heck was I expecting? Well, sometimes you get what you pay for.

So this time I decided to review some weather applications that I would either pay for outright or on a subscription basis (depending what each app offered). Using my trusty BlackBerry Storm, I went forth with credit card in hand (metaphorically) and tried out a few different programs that promised to meet all of my New England Weather needs. I narrowed my list down to two applications which are clearly the best available to date.

Weather Channel for BlackBerry. Price: $12.99/qtr, $34.99/yr. Free trial available.

The Weather Channel is pretty much the definitive source of national weather on television. I visit the station at least once a day to get a "Local on the 8's" report. I also TiVo several of their "Storm Stories" programs (especially regarding tornadoes). I also visit their website frequently to get reports. So how does their mobile app rate? Very well for information. Just what you'd expect from the WC. The maps are nicely detailed and their forecast graphics are simple but effective. I found that the app is a bit difficult to navigate on a BB Storm, but I believe it would be much smoother on a different model. The WC app is also available for the Palm, Windows Mobile and Motorola Q.

My-Cast Weather for BlackBerry. Price: $3.99/mo. Free trial available.

My-Cast Weather is one of the better, if not the best, weather application on my BlackBerry Storm. The real-time radar, severe weather and lightning alerts and forecast information are top-notch. I especially enjoy the variety of ways I can get forecast information, including text, daily, hourly and the graphics are a small step up from the Weather Channel's version. The most important note to make, for me, is that it is integrated very well with the BB Storm's touch screen. The menus are fast, information is downloaded very quickly (even the graphic radar) and the application is very smooth overall. I highly recommend this application.

The one thing I would like to see added to these apps is integration with GPS to divine your location. Currently, you need to input your zip code or city/state. Granted, GPS weather apps sometimes can take a dog's age to locate you and then download the proper weather info. So typing in your location will save download time. Still, this is something I would like to have the option of using, particularly if I'm traveling and can't be bothered to figure out where the heck I am.

So there you have it. Currently, My-Cast is the last remaining weather app on my Storm, and with all the rain and thunderstorms we've been having in New England, I can tell you that My-Cast has been put to good use.

Any others out there you think I should check out?

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