Wires cross between Twitter & Facebook

If you're a Twitter user who also has a Facebook page – maybe one you don't visit very often – you might want to take a look at it today. Yesterday, a bug on Facebook started allowing Twitter-related Facebook apps to post Tweets as status updates on Facebook, whether or not you had them set to do so. This left a lot of users completely baffled, since many of them (ok, us) had long forgotten that they'd ever installed Twitter <-> Facebook connectivity applications.

It looks like this was happening with both the official Twitter application as well as the Friendfeed application; if you had either of those installed, everything you Tweeted may have been showing up on Facebook.

Facebook has confirmed the problem, issuing a statement saying:

Earlier this evening, a small Facebook bug allowed a handful of apps to publish to the stream on behalf of users who had previously authorized the app. The situation has now been resolved, and all application settings will remain intact for users.

The situation has now been fixed, but that won't do anything to help with the deluge of SuperPokes from old high school friends and distant cousins who suddenly see you active on Facebook again. Prepare to have drinks thrown at you and virtual pets bequeathed to you for the next month.

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