Expect a New Wave of Netbook Applications

A recent survey of 400 wireless application developers by Evans Data Corporation found about 20 percent of all wireless developers are currently writing apps especially for netbooks. Another 24 percent expect to start writing netbook apps before too much longer. In news that will shock many iPhone users, AT&T is the carrier providing the best mobile application distribution, according to the developers.

Ever ahead, Asian developers report being almost twice as likely to be planning mobile apps for the popular portable computing appliances. Since Asian countries lead the way in smartphone cleverness, I'm not surprised they're getting a jump on the netbook options that are now available.

Smartphone application developers should do a better job maximizing screen space on netbooks than current application developers. Even though the screen orientation for computers mimics that of HD TV, wider than it is tall, Web sites and applications continue to give us an interface that's taller than it is wide.

If this year is the Year of the Netbook, I'm guessing next year will be the Year of the Netbook Application. Expect a flood of new apps both online and that run locally on your netbook.

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