Apple tablets and Google and Windows Mobile, oh my!

While there's no One Big Thing dominating the Apple world at the moment, there are a number of stories percolating to catch the eye of any Apple observer:

  • The tablet is real! A person writing under a cheesy pseudonym has touched it! Someone at Barron's going by the name of "A. Veteran Analyst" has reportedly touched the magical, legendary Apple Tablet, and expects to see it announced by September. 10 inches, $700-800, HD video, and no reason given for it to exist that would convince me. It's wholly possible that such a gizmo exists in one of Apple's labs -- the company reportedly mocks up all sorts of projects that never see the light of day. It's also wholly possible that this is entirely made up. We'll know the truth come the fall! Or not! This hasn't stopped the tech press from drawing up idle fantasy lists of what they want this unicorn-powered device to do.
  • THIS SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! GOOGLE VS. APPLE! BATTLE OF THE TITANS! PC Magazine's Sascha Segan says Eric Schmidt's departure from Apple's board, combined with Apple's (or was it AT&T's?) rejection of Google Voice apps, presages a new phase in which the two companies see each other as rivals rather than allies. This is reasonable; his suggestion that the FCC is doing Google's bidding in investigating the Google Voice imbroglio is less so.
  • High on the list of things nobody would ever do. If you want more evidence that Microsoft is beginning to have an unhealthy obsession with Apple, look no further than the fact that they're publishing tech articles on how to port your iPhone apps to Windows Mobile. I suppose this could be a play for all those developers who are so disgruntled with Apple's App Store, but still: a shiny virtual quarter for anyone who can point to someone actively interested in doing this.
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