Fake Web sites offer free versions of Snow Leopard

With all the fanfare surrounding the release of Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system upgrade today, it comes as little surprise that cybercriminals are taking advantage of the event to spread malware.

According to a post on one of Trend Micro’s blogs dated August 26, several bogus Web sites have been uncovered that purported to offer free downloads of Snow Leopard days before the OS was released by Apple. Instead, these sites downloaded a DNS changer Trojan called OSX JAHLAV.K.

This form of malware automatically changes the DNS address of computers they are downloaded onto, allowing the computers to contact a new DNS server to resolve names of different Web servers and pointing unsuspecting users to malicious sites that steal personal or financial information.

With Snow Leopard priced at a modest $29 and slated for availability today, hopefully Mac users knew enough to wait for the real thing from Apple.

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