New iPhone enterprise apps to help manage your network

Sure the iPhone is a cool smartphone, but lately there are lots of business reasons to have one too. I found a number of new applications that are available for the iPhone (and in some cases the iPod Touch) that can control or interact with appliances that are back at the corporate network, for monitoring or remote control, or even running Windows applications. Sure the small screen of the iPhone can't deliver everything that your multi-monitor desktop rig has, but these are the beginnings of a new collection of enterprise-class applications that will help iPhone-carrying IT workers to help manage their networks better. I have not yet used any of these apps, so feel free to share others that you have come across.

  • Cymphonix iPhone app gives you real-time monitoring, connecting to a Cymphonix appliance to view what is going on with your enterprise Internet connection, such as bandwidth consumption, traffic by protocol and application (free).
  • Wyse Pocket Cloud, the most recent and most expensive of the set at $30, this iPhone app (available next week) will enable you to connect to a variety of Windows Terminal Services and VMware ESX servers to run your Windows apps on your phone.
  • Citrix Receiver for iPhone enables iPhone users to run any Window apps on XenApp hosted servers. You can also use a feature called DocFinder to locate documents on your network servers. (free)
  • Stoneware's Cloud Agent allows you to access network resources on its Webnetwork application services integration platform. (free)
  • R-U-On hosted IT monitoring software can now be run from the iPhone ($10)
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