Make Google Apps look like desktop apps

by James Gaskin -- Google Apps performance depends on how fast your browser processes JavaScript. On Windows systems, Chrome (by Google) is the fastest, followed by Firefox, then any other browser that's not Internet Explorer. Last choice? Internet Explorer, the slowest of all browsers processing JavaScript. Open source fans should look for the Chromium browser, now that Google has released an OSS version.

The Google Apps version IT people don't know about but should is the Team Edition. Admins must prove they manage the domain name the company owns. All workers in the company e-mail domain then have access to the Team Edition features and may share calendars, contacts, and documents with any other co-worker. Gmail is not part of the Team Edition.

Want to make Google Apps look like desktop apps? Install the Google Desktop, which will install the Chrome browser and place Docs, Calendar, and Gmail icons on the desktop. Apps will open in a streamlined Google Chrome browser window that looks like a typical app window rather than a browser window.

This tip comes from Scott Granneman, author of Google Apps Deciphered. Prentice Hall.

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