The Zune HD can "play games"

A promo video sneaks out, stealing Microsoft's thunder.

Last week at their Rock & Roll Event, Apple spent a significant amount of time talking about the iPod Touch in terms of its gaming capabilities. This week, the Microsoft Zune HD ships, but thus far Redmond has been mum about its gaming playing abilities. We know there's an "Apps" menu in the UI but not much about what's behind the curtain. We also know the Zune HD is powered by the Nvidia Tegra chip, which has a 3D GPU (graphics processing unit) on board. It's easy to make the connection here, but we haven't seen anything official.

That hasn't changed, but we have the next best thing. A leak! Over this past weekend some videos were posted at's BuyTV showing off the capabilities of the Zune HD, and one of the things the videos told us the Zune HD could do was "play games." That's a complete quote, but it was backed up by a short video clip of a 3D driving game. The video has since been removed, but of course the internet clings tight to its content and someone posted a copy on YouTube, which as of this writing is still online. I'll embed it below: the mention is right at the 30 second mark.

Considering the Zune HD launches tomorrow it's really curious that Microsoft hasn't talked more about the Zune's app store and what's going to be in it. Are they leaving this up to early adopters and viral marketing? Seems an odd choice. A midnight Press Release? A secret event known only to a few? Guess we'll know tomorrow.

By the way, if you haven't ordered a Zune HD yet, Dell is offering a good deal: 15% off the price. Engadget has the details.

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