iPod prices drop hours before Apple event

Apple has uncharacteristically jumped the gun on their own event, dropping prices on the existing iPod lineup at the Apple Store.

The iPod Touch is now $189/$249/$279 for the 8GB/16GB/32GB models respectively (old prices: $229/$299/$399). The iPod Nano is now $129/$149 for the 8GB/16GB models (old prices: $149/$199). And the iPod Classic (120GB) is now $229 (old price: $249). No change on the iPod Shuffle price, which remains $79.

Presumably price changes on these products means none of them (I'm looking at you, iPod Classic) is being phased out at today's Apple event. Some kind of camera-equipped iPod Touch is almost certain to be announced (given that retailers are already listing 3rd generation iPod Touch cases with an opening for a camera lens) so will this be a separate line, or will there just be one new 64 GB version of the Touch with a camera?

We'll know for sure in a few hours!

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