Xcode shortcuts: 4 favorites and a cheat sheet

by Amy Bennett -- Whether you're just getting started with Xcode or have been developing iPhone apps for a while, you're probably looking for ways to do things better and faster.

Here, courtesy of the Twitter community, are some keyboard shortcuts and time savers to add to your arsenal.

Ready to speed things up? Start now!


  • omphal My favourite Xcode shortcut : ctrl-2 to switch keyboard focus to the messages/functions popup menu in the code editor.
  • mz2 My favourite keyboard shortcut of the day: Cmd+Alt+UpArrow (swaps between .h and .m in Xcode)
  • aaronjensen if you're working in xcode, the most important keyboard shortcut is cmd+shift+d, it's like your R# goto type/file/symbol all in one.
  • A_11 @ay23 Xcode tips: Apple-] and Apple-[ to shift a block of code right/left.

There are, of course, more Xcode shortcuts than you can reasonably be expected to remember. Lucky for you, @mgratzer points out this handy printable list of Xcode shortcuts from CocoaSamurai.

Yet more time savers

ulisdevdiary Nice obscure feature of the day: Xcode Edit -> Insert text Macro -> C -> Parenthesize Selection. Define a shortcut for it & rejoice.

iCuriosity Tips: In Xcode Editor, Option+Double Click on a word, will jump directly to the API doc. #xcode #mac #iphone

smplnerd SetFile. One of the greatest hidden gems of the Developer Tools. #adc #Xcode #osx

tomkinsc fixing Xcode annoyance: when using a 3rd-party keyboard, fix Home and End key behavior in Xcode prefs -> Key Bindings -> move to begin/end

mannytan nice xCode tip from #stackoverflow, put your dealloc right by all the synthesize declarations for simple and obvious memory management.

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