Identity theft foiled by alert JC Penny's clerk

Sometimes it pays to just be aware of your customers

Note to potential thieves: If you are going to do identity theft (and no, this isn't a how-to posting nor an endorsement), don't get caught on camera filling out a credit app.

A clerk in one of Seattle's JC Penny's stores happened to have her own identity stolen and started receiving credit cards in the mail for which she didn't apply. She was able to obtain a surveillance photo of the woman who claimed to be her opening up accounts.

And then, a week later, according to this report on Credit Union Times, she was working the counter at her store and saw what she thought was the same woman who wanted to open another account. She alerted her managers, who were able to take more photos and eventually these led to uncovering a five-person ID theft ring that was operating in the area.

Another note to potentials: try to expand your base of operations while you are at it, too.

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