Spam levels dipped in August

Despite the hard work that spammers put in to coming up with new campaigns this summer, Symantec says the amount of spam sent in August decreased 2 percent to 87 percent of all e-mail messages.

July was indeed a busy month for spammers, who launched campaigns including Swine Flu updates, a new twist on that good ol’ Nigerian spam scam, and Independence Day scams.

August wasn’t exactly quiet, with the debut of spam that attempts to salvage relationships and fake messages that purport to be from email clients. But even a 2 percent decline in unwanted messages is welcomed.

Still, it probably won’t last.

According to Symantec, spammers are already sending spam related to Halloween and Christmas. If economists predict the holiday season will be a tough one for legitimate retailers, based on slow back-to-school sales, imagine how concerned spammers must be.

Luckily, there’s the Swine Flu. Once flu season begins in earnest, no doubt Swine Flu spam will, too.

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