Microsoft to examine security issues of cloud computing

Members of Microsoft’s European team are presenting a paper at a security conference this week in Geneva that delves into the security issues surrounding cloud computing.

The paper is called “The Cloud or the Mist,” and questions whether the hype surrounding cloud computing is obscuring valid concerns. The reference to “the Mist” is explained in a blog post on Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center Web site as a reference to the Stephen King novella about an evil mist that invades a town.

“In the same way, cloud technology is a buzzword right now, and some people are hyping it as the next evolution of the Internet,” the blog post reads. “Yet there are a lot of valid concerns, especially about privacy and security.”

Specifically, the Microsoft paper will cover the dangers encountered when organizations store personal and financial information in the cloud; new social engineering tricks that have emerged to take advantage of cloud computing, and new malware that has developed to leverage this computing model.

Microsoft’s paper will be presented at the conference on Friday.

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