Selling Google Wave to Joe Q. Public

For crying out loud! Even the New York Daily News is talking about Google Wave. In the past day the News and hundreds of other mainstream news organizations all over the world have been falling over themselves about Wave. But does the average reader of the NY Daily News -- or, for that matter, Atlantic Monthly or the Hindustan Times -- really understand what the fuss is all about?

Probably not. Mention "collaboration" to most people, and their eyes will glaze over faster than you can say "Lotus Notes training." Even if you were to show them some of the demo applications, such as the Wave-borne planning session for a fictional boat trip that was described in the Wave developer introduction at Google I/O, the universal reaction would be, "Big deal! I can already do that with email/IM/Facebook."

But some will start to wake up and smell the coffee when they see Wave showing up in their workplace applications and other places that they browse online. Others will begin to get religion when they see how Wave can be integrated with existing websites -- including blogs and media sites -- to share comments, pictures, and other data, without having to deal with logons or even revisiting the site. That's because comment threads live within the Wave client even after the user has left the site. As Lars Rasmussen, one of the lead Wave developers noted during the Google I/O demo, "[It] will make flame wars so much more effective." That's something that many New York Daily News readers would even appreciate.

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This story, "Selling Google Wave to Joe Q. Public" was originally published by The Industry Standard.

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