Blu-ray's "bag of hurt" coming to the iMac?

There's pretty much always some kind of low-level Mac hardware rumor bubbling along out there, which I tend to tune out until it reaches a certain volume or throws up a tidbit other than "slightly modified form factor, speed bump, blah blah blah." And so today is the day that I start paying attention to the rumors that new iMacs will be here in a few weeks, with a slightly modified form factor (yawn), some boosts to the tech specs (YAWN), and ... Blu-ray? INTRIGUING!

Now, when Steve Jobs called Blu-ray licensing a "bag of hurt" last year, I don't think anyone took this as meaning that the latest movie-disc iteration was never going to appear on Macs, so this isn't that shocking. Still, if I may grouse a bit, the iMac doesn't seem like the most obvious form factor for the rollout, does it? After all, Blu-ray's ultra-HD video quality is best appreciated on big screens -- and the iMac tops out at 24 inches. (Yes, you can connect your iMac to an external display, but that's pretty awkward for viewing.) Why not roll it out on the high-end MacBooks? They're easy enough to connect to your big-screen TV, and maybe Apple could start reselling that Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter to promote their laptops as backpackable entertainment centers.

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