Build your computer service client list the right way – Are you spending most of your time and energy chasing down one-shot deal computer service customers? Do you feel like you are always keeping your fingers crossed, wondering whether or not you’ll get called again in a few months or a few years?

If you want to build a real client list, you can’t live in uncertainty. Building your computer service business around the needs of one-shot deal customers is a one-way ticket to nowhere. Spending all your time and money acquiring customers for one-shot deal transactions is just not a financially viable way to spend your time.

If you want to build a strong, steady client list, you need to move towards a business model based on annual support contracts. Take into account the following 3 ways to build your computer service business the right way.

1. Annual Support Contracts Give You Recurring Revenue. An annual support contract package gives you recurring revenue, which gets you the stability and predictability that you need to survive long term. When you have a support contract model in place, you know where you will get your next billable service call. This allows you to make predictable plans to expand, hire new employees, and update your benefits to meet the changing best practices associated with your clients’ industries.

2. Support Contract Clients Are Assets. When you build your client list with steady, high-paying clients that are paying you on a recurring basis, you create a great asset. If you ever want to sell your computer service business – if you move or get burnt out, injured or sick – your long-term clients committed to annual support contracts become one of your greatest assets. A potential buyer of your business would certainly not invest very much in a list of one-shot-deal customers that only call you in the case of an emergency.

3. Once You Have Clients, You Need to Cultivate Relationships. Beyond just attracting great clients, you have to be willing to work to keep them. You need to cultivate and strengthen important relationships at every stage of the sales cycle. This means you have to keep in mind the end goal of leading every single prospect and customer to towards support contract agreements. You need to know about their biggest business and IT problems. Then actively engage in follow-up activities such as phone calls, e-mails, and proving-ground projects.

In this brief article, we talked about 3 things to think about as you build your computer service client list. Learn more about how you can attract great, steady, high-paying computer service clients now at

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