Remote Control: Using your iPhone to manage your PCs

A number of apps for the iPhone that allow you to remotely control your computers

Looking to remotely control your desktops or servers from your iPhone? There are a number of apps you can download, some that are free, some that are pricey. They work with a variety of remote-control products including VNC, LogMeIn, WebEx and Windows' Remote Desktop. And now that the iPhone supports MMS, you can actually send screen shots too!

  • Mocha VNC, $6 and a free lite version that does most of the paid version except send CTL-ALT-DEL keystrokes
  • WebEx PCNow, free but requires a WebEx account for $13/month
  • Jaadu VNC,probably one of the more full-featured VNC clients, and you would expect so given its $25 price tag
  • VNSea,free and still in beta
  • WinAdmin, $8 for Windows Remote Desktop only
  • LogMeIn Ignition, $30, works with LogMeIn products only
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